Bicontinental Trading is engaged in trading, business development and partnerships for a variety of commodities from crude oil and petroleum products to metals and minerals. Our goal is to maximize our business value by accurately assessing customers needs in each segment and operating businesses that adapt to the growing global market, while also looking ahead to societal trends such as decarbonization.
Our experienced traders in Houston, London and Singapore are able to effectively and efficiently handle trades of various commodities working in partnership with our network of partners and banks.

East and South Africa

Bicontinental group’s EPC is handled out of our affiliate’s shipyard in Durban South Africa. (South African Shipyard)

As the East African market emerges, we are well positioned in one of the largest shipyards in Africa to provide construction and fabrication services to support the growing oil/gas industry in east africa.

West And Central Africa

In West Africa, we provide services through our subsidiaries and affiliates Bicontinental Nigeria Ltd established since 1994 and Brown Rocks Ltd. We have a water front construction and fabrication yard in Calabar and Onne. We also just acquired a water front yard in Lagos to support the deep offshore operations of our clients.


Oil & Gas (Including EPC) remains the core business of the group and constitutes a major part of the group’s business.  Through our subsidiaries, affiliates and partnerships, Bicontinental is involved in the following:


Bicontinental is experienced in the construction of large crude oil storage tanks by utilizing high tensile steel abstract larger tanks, and at less cost per barrel of oil stored, can be attained by utilizing high tensile steel, as has been shown by the construction of the 100,000 m3 (630,000 bbls) automatically welded floating roof storage tanks at Shell’s Europoort terminal. In order to obtain full advantage of the improvements in the properties of the high tensile steels for structural purposes special attention has to be given to the notch ductility and weld ability of the steel used, as well as to the design of the various structural details of the tank.

More information can be found here: files/TANK STEEL CRUDE OIL STORAGE TANKS CONSTRUCTION.pdf 


Our marine division formerly called Underwater Marine Service, owned, operated and managed vessels. Since it was sold off, Bicontinental has focused on subsea and deep offshore marine services. Through our partnership arrangement with US and Norwegian based marine companies we provide DP2 multi-purpose vessels, pipe laying and construction vessels. Some of the Vessels are currently working in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf of Guinea.


The primary aim for selling off our marine division was because the assets were meant for shallow and swamp. The industry is moving towards deep offshore; we are now focused on subsea and deep offshore marine services.

In a collaborative efforts with our partners in Norway, Scotland and Italy, we provide subsea related services including subsea intervention and installations, inspection, repairs and maintenance as well as project management.


Our drilling activities have been limited to Venezuela because of the long-standing contract with PDVSA through our affiliate, which ended few years ago. The Land and Swamp rigs are now up for sale.  Our plan is to move the Rigs to West Africa.

Our yard in South Africa is available to support deep offshore Rig operations. While the one in Nigeria is being upgraded to support deep offshore operations.

Bicontinental and partners are currently negotiating with a Jack Up Rig owner to acquire the Rig for operations in Africa. The Rig is currently being refurbished and available soon.


Bicontinental’s E & P affiliate Petroleum Development International (PDI) is our upstream production company. This is a joint Venture company between Tradewinds Oil & Gas and Bicontinental. The primary objective is to acquire smaller producing fields in emerging markets in Asia and Africa. Currently Tradewinds operates seven fields in South East Asia. including the Ramok, Senanbang and sukatani fields. jointly, we continue to look for economic producing assets in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

PDI through our affiliate in Nigeria Bicontinental Nigeria Ltd  (BNL) own 23.5% of OPL 252  (the only deep offshore interest the company owns) We have put in for bids for other producing assets in Africa.

Our International E&P operations focus on low cost operations and growth in core areas. We are working to develop projects that will link dynamic markets with economically attractive energy resources. We look for clusters of opportunities and projects in areas with robust market or prolific resources.  We seek entry points where we can add value and leverage our experience and performance for greater participation. This entry strategy has worked for us.

Our management believes it is possible to produce oil and gas thoughtfully and carefully protecting the beauty of our natural environment, while still meeting the emerging market’s increasing need for energy.


Bicontinental is 50% owner of Quest Aviation based in South Africa. Quest Aviation provides private charter, sells and leases helicopter and aircrafts.

Bicontinental has also entered into an agreement with Starlite Aviation of South Africa to provide helicopter services to support growing deep offshore operations in West Africa.  Starlite provides Helicopter services to the oil companies and relief agencies. They currently provide services to oil companies and agencies in Africa and Asia.

Bicontinental’s facility in Nigeria is available for Starlite for operations.  From this facility, Starlite/Quest will support offshore oil/gas operations in West Africa.


The group’s focus on the emerging markets makes it impossible to neglect the very important power industry.  Progasen is our 50% owned power services affiliate. Services provided in the power sector include the following: